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Apple delivers a 'significant' update with iOS 9.3


If nothing else, those with newer iPhones and iPads should sleep easier with Night Shift

iOS 9, the mobile OS that powers Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, got a significant update Monday (when Apple also unveiled a new 4-in. iPhone and a 9.7-in. iPad Pro) with the arrival of iOS 9.3. The updated OS introduces several new features, including new 3D Touch shortcuts for existing system apps, Wi-Fi call support for Verizon customers, the ability to encrypt individual Notes, and -- most prominently -- a new Night Shift mode that automatically shifts the white balance on newer iPads and iPhones to a warmer color spectrum to help reduce eye strain and improve sleep. iOS 9.3 also brings updates to CarPlay, as well as enhancements to make the iPad a better tool for educational use.
The development cycle for ios 9.3 encompassed seven developer betas and several public betas, so this update was a long-time coming. That lengthy gestation period should result in a stable final build, but if you're worried about that, you can just wait a few days to see if any major bugs snuck through Apple's quality assurance process and into the final build.
Not going to wait, are you? Didn't think so.
The update can be installed by tapping Settings: General: Software Update, and then following the necessary prompts. If you're more of an old-school user, you can also  upgrade your iOS device through iTunes. Update sizes will vary depending on which device is being upgraded. For the iPhone 6S, iOS 9.3 weighs in at a sizable 1.7GB; for the iPad Pro, it's 1.5GB. Every device compatible with iOS 9 can -- and should -- run this update, but some features are limited to more recent models. (Night Shift, for instance, only works on the iPhone 5s or later, the iPad Pro, iPad Air or later, the iPad mini 2 or later and the sixth-generation iPod touch.)

Sleep easier with Color Shift?

Night Shift can be set to activate at
specific times of day.

Night Shift is the most noteworthy feature, and will likely affect the most users. By default, at sunset Night Shift changes the display's color from a cooler spectrum (which emphasizes blue light) to a warmer one (which is more yellow/orange). This is done in an effort to not only reduce eye strain but to help us sleep better. The theory is that blue light disrupts the body's ability to rest, therefore keeping us awake even when we want to sleep. Shifting to a warmer color spectrum cuts back on blue light, and allows the body to naturally produce the chemicals needed to rest.

By default, Night Shift uses your specific location to determine when exactly to kick in at sunset and return the display to the normal color spectrum at sunrise. There's also an option for a more manual approach that lets you schedule Night Shift for a custom set of hours. Or you can toggle it on or off using the new button in the Control Center. (Swipe up from the bottom of the display to show Control Center; the toggle is centered above the Home button.)

Initially, I was uncertain about how well Night Shift would work. The shift takes some getting used to -- and the intensity can be adjusted via a slider under the Night Shift section of Settings: Display & Brightness. Your eyes and the way the brain processes color does grow accustomed to the change, though, and after a while you won't notice it as much.

One thing I found: Scheduling Night Shift to turn on at a particular time is actually a good way to stay more aware of the passing hours. I tend to lose track when working on the latest project, and seeing the device in my hand shift in color reminds me it's about time to put the electronics away.

iPad for Education

In an effort to keep the iPad a relevant education platform, Apple has added features in iOS 9.3 that addresses earlier shortcomings. These changes include multiple login support for different students; a mobile device management (MDM) portal for easier management of Apple IDs, apps, and other tweaks; school-assigned managed Apple IDs; and a new app called Classroom that allows a teacher to launch an app on every student's iPad, and then guide them through lessons and keep up with each student's progress. Classroom also allows teachers to view students' iPad screens, launch and lock down apps, and even display a student's screen on an AppleTV via AirPlay.

iOS 9.3 rolls out new management features for education that would be useful in the workplace, too.

3D Touch additions
For iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users, more system apps get new 3D Touch shortcuts. Those include the Settings app (with shortcuts to Battery, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth panels); the Weather app; the App Store app (including an Update All apps option, as well as shortcuts to Purchased, Redeem, and Search); Compass; Health; and the iTunes Store.

As well as those 3D Touch shortcuts, many system apps get tweaks of their own, including:

  • A new Activity tracker dashboard in Health. It syncs with and displays Apple Watch data and goals, similar to the widget in the Activity app. And to encourage and help people discover even more ways to be healthy, the Health app now sports third-party app suggestions for sleep, workout and weight tracking. That's all well and good, but Apple really should take a page from TactioHealth and have Health data that goes beyond simple graph displays, perhaps by explaining what the data means and showing in an easy-to-understand interface how your readings measure up to what's considered medically normal
  • An updated Music app that makes it easier to access the album of the currently playing song. Just tap the song title to access the rest of the album. With this change, Apple moved where you tap to change a song rating. To do that, you now tap the album art. (Song ratings will appear above lyrics -- if the song has lyrics -- or are centered in the album art section. Note: third-party apps can now access your music library and even add content.
  • A tweaked News app. It's faster, and the For You section has been updated to provide more relevant content.
  • A more secure Notes app; It now supports locking and encrypting individual notes so that only those with a device password or a matching fingerprint via TouchID can access the content.
  • Other additions include: Wi-Fi calling for Verizon, which will bring Verizon customers up to par with a feature that has been available already for AT&T customers; iBooks can sync PDFs and assorted items through iCloud across devices; support for more than one Apple Watch, as long as that Apple Watch is running watchOS 2.2 and is synced to an iOS device running 9.3; and the device About screen now tells you if your phone is being actively managed.
  • And finally, CarPlay -- for those lucky enough to own a car that supports it -- has been updated with new features, including updated Maps that will better help you find nearby locations such as gas stations, restaurants, parking, and more and a Music app that now sports New and For You sections. The latter move is designed to make exploring new music that much easier when you're on the go.
  • Although this was just a point update, iOS 9.3 adds a variety of features, bug fixes and security tweaks that should keep users while we await more information about Apple's direction at this summer's upcoming Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC).

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    4 new ways to bypass passcode lock screen on iPhones, iPads running iOS 9

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    Four scenarios for bypassing the lock screen passcode on iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 were demonstrated in a proof-of-concept video. Apple has not issued a patch, but there is a temporary solution to protect yourself.

    There are multiple bypass vulnerabilities which could allow an attacker to get past the passcode lock screen on Apple devices running iOS 9.

    The details for four different attack scenarios were disclosed by Vulnerability Lab. It’s important to note that an attacker would need physical access to the device to pull this off; that being said, the advisory says the hacks were successfully executed on iPhone models 5, 5s, 6 and 6s as well as iPad models Mini, 1 and 2 running iOS 9 versions 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2.1.

    Security researcher Benjamin Kunz Mejri, who disclosed a different method for disabling the passcode lock screen on iOS 8 and iOS 9 about a month ago, discovered the flaws. Vulnerability Lab posted a proof-of-concept video showing multiple new ways for a local attacker to bypass the passcode in iOS 9 and gain unauthorized access to the device.

    “Local attackers can use Siri, the event calendar or the available clock module for an internal browser link request to the App Store that is able to bypass the customer’s passcode or fingerprint protection mechanism,” the disclosure states. The attacks exploit vulnerabilities “in App Store, Buy more Tones or Weather Channel links of the clock, event calendar and Siri user interface.”

    There are four attack scenarios explained in the disclosure and demonstrated in the proof-of-concept video; each begins on an iOS device with a locked passcode.

    The first scenario involves pushing the Home button to activate Siri and asking her to open a non-existing app. Siri responds that you have no such app, but she “can help you look for it on the App Store.” Tapping on the App Store button opens a “a new restricted browser window.” Either select update and open the last app, or “push twice on the Home button” for the task slide preview to appear. Swipe over to the active front screen task and that bypassed the passcode lock screen on iPhone models 5, 5s, 6 and 6s.

    The second scenario is similar, first pushing on the Home button for two seconds to activate Siri and then asking to open the clock app. Switch to world clock in the bottom module and tap the image for the Weather Channel LLC network; if the weather app is deactivated by default, then a new restricted browser window will open which has App Store menu links. Click update and open the last app, or tap twice on the Home button to get to task slide preview. Swipe over to the active front screen and voila – passcode lock screen bypassed again; this reportedly works on iPhone models 5, 5s, 6 and 6s.

    The third attack scenario works on iPad model 1 and 2, but basically follows the same steps as scenario two to bypass the passcode and gain unauthorized access to the device.

    The fourth way to bypass the lock screen passcode involves forcing Siri to open by pushing the Home button and asking her to “open Events/Calendar app.” An attacker could tap the “Information of Weather Channel” link which is found at the bottom of the screen next to the “Tomorrow module.” If the weather app is deactivated by default, then a new restricted browser window opens with App Store links. Tap update and open the last app, or push twice on the Home button to bring up the task slide preview. Swipe over to select the active front screen and the passcode on the lock screen is bypassed.

    Although the Apple security team was reportedly notified on January 4, there are no dates listed in the vulnerability disclosure timeline for Apple responding or developing a patch. Vulnerability Lab proposed the following temporary solution for users to harden device settings:

    1. Deactivate in the Settings menu the Siri module permanently.
    2. Deactivate also the Events Calendar without passcode to disable the push function of the Weather Channel LLC link.
    3. Deactivate in the next step the public control panel with the timer and world clock to disarm exploitation.
    4. Activate the weather app settings to prevent the redirect when the module is disabled by default in the events calendar.

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    Saturday, 30 July 2016

    Cydia Tweaks for Pokemon Go Hack

    The launching of Pokemon Go by Niantic for iOS and Android has definitely make the world gone crazy. Everyone wants to throw a Poke Ball at a wild Pokemon and catch it. They want candies and stardust to raise their Pokemon with more combat power. Without doubt it is now the most used smart device apps on earth. It is a free mobile game and available to download from the App Store as well as Play Store.

    iOS users who are having a jailbroken iPhone or iPad may have some problems playing this game because Pokemon Go blocks all the jailbroken devices. However, it doesn’t means there is no way to run this app because you can still bypass the jailbreak check using a few popular Cydia tweaks. In order to experience Pokemon Go at its best, this is a few Cydia apps you need.


    Masterball is the best Cydia tweak to bypass jailbreak check for all apps including Pokemon Go. This is by far the best one because it is free and it works flawlessly on both iPhone and iPad. To install Masterball, go to Cydia > Sources > Edit > Add. Enter the source and tap Add Source when a popup appears. Search for Masterball once you have added CokePokes repo.


    PokePatch is a great alternative to Masterball. It is an app to hide your device’s jailbreak status from all the apps with jailbreak check. PokePatch allows you to play Pokemon Go on jailbroken iPhone and iPad without any problem. It is the ultimate choice for Cydia users. To install PokePatch, add this Cydia source and you can search for the app from it.


    Just like Masterball and PokePatch. tsprotecter8 is another app to bypass the jailbreak check on all jailbroken iOS devices. It also works well on both iPhone and iPad and allowing you to play Pokemon Go. The only downside is it is a paid Cydia app and you will have to buy it.

    Poke Go++

    Poke Go++ is an app built for Cydia users who have just installed Pokemon Go. This app offers a feature to chat with other Pokemon Go players who are close to you. It has been tested on iOS 9, iOS 8 and iOS 7.1.2. Add repo and you can install Poke Go++ for free. Check your internet connection if you see “POSIX operation timed out” error message.

    Pokemon Lock

    Pokemon Lock is a brand-new Cydia tweak available in the Cydia App Store days after the launching of Pokemon Go. It is a simple app offering you to play Pokemon Go on your lockscreen with full extend. In other words, you don’t have to unlock your iOS device to play Pokemon Go with Pokemon Lock. Pokemon Lock is a free app and you can download it from repo. You will have to disable your Touch ID or passcode lock in order to make Pokemon Lock works.

    Pokemon Go Hack to Go Anywhere or Fake Location

    Pokemon Go uses the GPS feature and the camera of your iPhone or iPad to detect your location. However, there is a way to spoof your location with a powerful Cydia app known as PokemonGoAnywhere. With this app installed, you can hatch eggs or do anything you want without walking in Pokemon Go. PokemonGoAnywhere is a free app and you can install it from Restart your iOS device if it doesn’t work after you install it. 

    Pokemon Go is taking over the world although it’s not yet available in Asia or European countries. Unlike playing Pokemon game with emulator and roms, the Pokemon Go has given us a brand new experience with our iDevice. Last but not least, please share your thoughts if you know any other useful Cydia tweaks or hacks for Pokemon Go.

    source: Cydiawater

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    Monday, 25 July 2016

    Install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 Retroarch

    We recently covered a step by step tutorial on How to install your favorite GBA4iOS emulator on iOS 9 and it’s time for some more exciting tutorial on How to install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 with Retroarch. Apple Store is growing in terms of games as the number of games are increasing tremendously. Nowadays you can find any type of the game you want to play but most of us miss the way we used to play the games in childhood days using game consoles.
    I am a big fan of handheld game consoles and I spent quite a good time with them in my childhood. But nowadays all I can see is smartphones and tablets which also include iPad’s and iPhone’s and also makes me sad how these generation kids are missing those amazing titles which we used to play on our gaming consoles. They can be termed as classics and I am missing them like hell. Most of us are familiar with GBA4iOS emulator which gained a huge popularity and fanbase.
    Now it’s time for PlayStation emulator on iOS 9, Hell yeah now you can have a PlayStation emulator on your iPhone or iPad thanks to Retroarch. The process to install Playstation Emulator on iOS 9 is quite easy and will only take a few minutes of your precious time. With the help of PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9, you can get a chance to play classic titles and old retro games on your devices. If you are just like me thinking to play all these games on your iPhone’s or iPad’s then you are in right place.
    Still Yesterday I have been enjoying some titles on my GBA4iOS emulator on iOS 9, One of my friend messaged me about PlayStation emulator for iOS 9 and I jumped on the internet to know how to install PlayStation Emulator. The results didn’t satisfy me which made me write a tutorial on “How to Install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 Retroarch“.

    How to Install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 Retroarch

    Before jumping straight into our guide, there are few prerequisites which you need to take care of. Unlike GBA4iOS emulator which can be installed without a jailbreak, You can’t install PlayStation Emulator or PS Emulator on iOS 9 without Jailbreaking it. If you jailbreak your device previously then it’s amazing and if not you can follow the below guide.
    After jailbreaking your device, you get Cydia installed on your device and you are good to go. Make sure that you have enough battery on your device and have a basic knowledge on what you are doing. Jailbreaking your device basically void warranty, don’t worry you can get it back.

    Steps to Install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9, iOS 9.02 with Retroarch

    1. Unlock your device and launch “Cydia” from your application screen.
    2. Next click on “Sources >> Edit >> Add Source“.
    3. Now you will get a field to enter Source URL, Enter “” & Click on Add Source button.
    4. In case if you get any warnings tap on Add Anyway.
    5. It will take a while for Cydia to download contents of the Cydia Source.
    6. After Cydia finishes installing the repo, search for “RetroArch“.
    7. Next Select the tweak With name RetroArch(iOS 9) and install it.
    8. You have successfully installed retroarch emulator on your iPhone or iPad and you need to install another tweak to make it work.
    9. Search for “Automatic SSH” and install it. This will help you transfer game ROMs onto your device, You can ignore this step if you have iFile installed on your device.
    That’s it you have successfully installed PS Emulator on iOS 9 and Now its time to configure it so that you can play those awesome retro games on your iPhone or iPad.

    Configure PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 Retroarch

    1. As you have installed “RetroArch” app on your device, Launch it.
    2. Next click on “Online Updater“.
    3. In the next page tap on “Update GLSL Shaders” and wait till it completes.
    4. Next update the remaining in the following order
      • Update Overlays
      • Update Databases
      • Update Autoconfig profiles
      • Update Assets
      • Update Core Info Files
      • Finally, click on Core Updater
    5. After tapping on any of the update options wait some time as it will download and install packages onto your device.
    6. After clicking on Core Updater, You will be presented with a list, Tap on PlayStation (PCSX Rearmed) [Interpreter].
    7. Now press back twice and in Load Core select the PlayStation Option which you have enabled in above step.
    We have successfully installed and configured retroarch PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9
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    WinterBoard for iOS 9 – Latest Updates

    Many people are eagerly waiting for the iOS 9.2 jailbreak and some are still on iOS 9 as it can be jailbroken. If you are running iOS 9 & iOS 9.0.1 then you can follow our guide to jailbreak iOS 9. After jailbreaking one looks for some best Cydia sources & tweaks like iFile, vShareGBA4iOS etc, Most of the users want to theme their devices like android devices. If you are one of them then you are in right place as we are going to cover about WinterBoard for iOS 9.

    Winterboard is one of the most used as well as most awaited tweaks for iOS 9 as it is facing incompatible issues with the iOS 9 firmware. iOS 9 users have been waiting for a very long time and it’s finally getting the dream fulfilled. The developers of Winterboard finally updated it to support iOS 9 version and will also support iOS 9.2 most probably as the developer need to recheck the compatibility of WinterBoard for iOS 9.2 after the release of iOS 9.2 jailbreak.

    WinterBoard for iOS 9

    WinterBoard for iOS 9 Features

    Winterboard offers many interesting and amazing features which you can’t enjoy on non-jailbroken iOS devices as the Apple won’t allow customizations like themes, UI changes, Icons etc which can be fulfilled with Winterboard Cydia tweak. If you are using WinterBoard from a long time then you might know all the features of the application and if you are going to use the tweak for the first time then there is no need to worry as we are going to cover some of the WinterBoard for iOS 9 features.
    1. Winterboard allows users to themes all the parts of the operating system.
    2. Winterboard allows you to apply themes from Cydia.
    3. You can customize devices according to your desire.
    4. You can do all these things with just a few clicks on your iPhone or iPad.
    5. WinterBoard is available for both iPhone & iPad.
    6. All bugs are fixed in the latest version, So there is no need to worry about it.

    Install WinterBoard for iOS 9

    Anyone with a jailbroken device can install WinterBoard without any issues. If you don’t know how to install WinterBoard on iOS 9, then don’t worry we are here to help you out. Do follow each and every step without skipping any.
    1. Unlock your device and Open Cydia on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Now search for “WinterBoard” which you can find easily.
    3. Next click on the tweak and Install it.
    4. After installing the tweak, you need to respring/reboot your device to finish the installation of the tweak.
    This tweak is must recommend for all users who want to customize their devices. WinterBoard has the flexibility to theme only certain areas of your device like lock screen, Notification center, icons etc. You will be prompted to update your tweak whenever there is an update and there is no need to worry about incompatibility issues.
    Winterboard tweak is well known among the jailbreak theming community which you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Do leave a comment if you are having any queries on our guide on “WinterBoard for iOS 9“. Do share the guide and do let us know what you want to see next on our site.
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    Download & Install iFunbox For iOS 9.3 on iPhone/iPad

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    iFunbox  :- iTunes is the default iPhone manager which you can use to transfer files, create the backup of your iPhone and manage your iOS device. While a lot of people like to use iTunes for managing their iPhone or iOS devices few are not happy with this software. If you want to use a software which is similar to iTunes and acts as an alternative then you can use iFunbox. iFunbox is an iTunes alternative which will help you in managing your iPhone and iPad.
    In order to use iFunbox on your iPhone, you don’t have to jailbreak your device. All you have to do is follow a simple process and you will be able to install iFunbox on your iOS 9.3 devices without jailbreaking it.

    In order to use iFunbox on your iPhone, you don’t have to jailbreak your device. All you have to do is follow a simple process and you will be able to install iFunbox on your iOS 9.3 devices without jailbreaking it.

    Download and install iFunbox for iOS 9.3

    iFunbox will allow you to install any application on your iPhone and iPad. If the file which you are trying to install is having an .ipa extension you will be able to install it using iFunbox. This means that if you are trying to install a cracked application on your iPhone you can use iFunbox without jailbreaking your device. This is one of the reasons that iFunbox is a good alternative to iTunes.
    If you have never downloaded or installed iFunbox in the past and are wondering how to do that you can have a look at the step by step guide which we have shared below.
    1. To download iFunbox for your Mac you can click on this link.
    2. Once you have downloaded the application, open the executable file which will start installing the application on your Mac.
    3. Once iFunbox is installed on your Mac you have to download the ipa files which you want to install on your iPhone.
    4. There are many websites available on the internet which will allow you to download cracked ipa files and one of the best sources from where you can download cracked IPA files is
    5. Once you have downloaded the application which you want to install on your iPhone,connect your device to your Mac and open iFunbox. You will see the device which you connected in the left pane of iFunbox.
    6. Choose User applications option from the left pane of iFunbox.
    7. Now you have to click on Install App option and you will be asked to select the IPA file which you want to install. Once you have selected the IPA file which you wish to install click on Ok.
    8. The selected IPA file will start getting installed on your iPhone. Once the application is installed on your iPhone you will be able to use it.                                                                                                                                                                                                 You have installed iFunbox on your iPhone and now you can install any cracked application on your iPhone using iFunbox. With this app, you don’t have to use iTunes anymore in the future. What are your views about iFunbox? Let us know using the comments section below.
             source: BestCydiaSources
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    Best Cydia Sources

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    Everyone who have jailbroken their IOS devices, want to customize their mobile in an awesome way. There are a hell lot of Cydia tweaks available that you can try to customize your IOS 8 – 9 with amazing features. In this article, we thought to write on the Best Cydia Sources for IOS 8-9 Few of them are free and few of them are paid. All the Paid Cydia Sources mentioned here are more than worth of the money you pay. Just check the Cydia sources/Repos and try them out on your devices. All these Sources mentioned in the post will work on any model of IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch, but just make sure that your device is running on the IOS 8 – 9.

    Before Diving into the list first lets see how to add the Cydia Source on your IOS 8 device.

    How to add Cydia Repo source in Cydia app

    Before going through the process make sure that your device is already jailbroken.
    1.Open cydia Application and Tap on the Manage Icon that you see at the bottom of the application.

    2. When you open the Manage Screen you will see three options namely 1. PACKAGES 2. Sources 3. STORAGE. Open SOURCES.

    3. Now When you open the SOURCES screen it will look something like the below screenshot.

    4. Now in the SOURCES screen tap on the EDIT button which you see on the right top and then Tap on ADD button

    5. As soon as you tap on the ADD button and screen pops up asking you to add the URL source. Add the URL tap on ADDD SOURCE. Now Cydia will verify the source and displays you a warning, just ignore the warning and tap on ADD ANYWAY.

    6. Now Cydiawill automatically download the packages from the source you added.

    14 Best Cydia Sources for iOS 8 – iOS 9

    1. BiteYourApple Repo

    In this Cydia Source you will access to a huge list of IOS themes, thousands of ringtones, interesting tweaks with which you can renovate your IOS device. Bite your apple is one of the best cydia sources available out there. You can check the BiteYourApple Repo Source URL below .

    2. FilippoBiga

    Using the FlippoBiga you can get multiple tweak options on your device. Most of the tweaks present in this are to modify the touch gestures of applications and changing the Apps icons. Using this FlippoBiga you can tweak Lock Screen and folder icons. Carrier logo can also be modified using the tweaks available in it. Check the Flippobiga source URL below this.

    3. BigBoss Repository

    You can get this Bigboss Repository along with Cydia as default. There are many amazing and most rated tweaks available in it. Almost tweaks for all sort of customizations can be found in it. The best part is, all the tweaks are arranged in categories, so that it won’t be difficult for you to search for the required thing. Find the link to the BigBoss URl Below.

    4. iF0rce Repository

    As we all know we cannot transfer files from our IOS device to non-IOS devices like android via Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth in our IOS devices we can only share stuff with other IOS device, which is a disgusting feature at times. So using the Cydia source iForce you can install AirDrop which lets you to share files between IOS and NON IOs devices.  Check the iF0rce Source link below.

    5. xSellize Repository – Best Cydia Source

    This Cydia Source called Xsellize excites you more if you are game lover. Thousands of interesting games are present in it organized in categories in this repository. Along with the games you can also find some useful tweaks it. Go through the link below to add it on your Cydia app

    6. InsanelyiRepo Repository

    If you are bored of using your Iphone IPad or IPod touch with the default features and loot it has, you can try InsanelyiRepo which has many IOS 8-9 Customizations cydia tweaks present in it. Check the below link source.

    7. ModMyi Repository

    ModMyi repository is yet another thing which comes in default while you install Cydia on your devices. There are many interesting working Cydia tweaks for your IOS 8 Devices available in this Repository. You can download any of the tweaks present in it and use it from free.  The link to ModMyi is given below, check it.

    8. iHacksRepo Repository

    IhacksRepo is one of the most used Cydia Sources. There are many updates tweaks and customizations available on it. It is one of the best option to modify the overall appearance of your IPhone, IPad or iPod touch. Add this IhacksRepo Cydia source using the below link.

    9. Hipstore Repo  – Top Cydia Source

    Hipstore is basically a Chinese store, which one of the biggest collection of cydia packages. You can download all paid apps and games from Hipstore respo for free. Check the source below

    10. iPhoneCake Repository

    This is yet another most wanted repo for game lovers. Here you can find a huge collection of games arranged according to the categories. More over all the games available in this are for free, so you need to bother about paying your money. Check the source link below

    11. SiNful iPhone Repository

    SiNful will let you to install various paid apps and tweaks for free. Using this you can install cracked tweaks on your IPhone as well as IPad. If you are someone who doesn’t like to pay for installing tweaks then SiNful is for you. Check the URL below to add the cydia source.

    12. OpenAppMKT Repo

    Source URL for OpenAPPMkt Repo: –

    13. vShare Repo – Best Cydia Source for IOS 8

    vShare is one of the most used application which is available for both Jailbroken and Non Jailbroken devices. Although the functionalities on a non jailbroken devices are limited when compared to the jailbroken ones. This is one of the must have applications of all time.
    Source URL for vShare Repo : –

    14. Repo

    Source URL for Rpetri Repo : –
    So these are the Top list of Cydia Sources available for your Iphone/Ipad and IPod touch, If we missed any source just let us know in comments section so that we can include them too 🙂
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