Monday, 25 July 2016

Install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 Retroarch

We recently covered a step by step tutorial on How to install your favorite GBA4iOS emulator on iOS 9 and it’s time for some more exciting tutorial on How to install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 with Retroarch. Apple Store is growing in terms of games as the number of games are increasing tremendously. Nowadays you can find any type of the game you want to play but most of us miss the way we used to play the games in childhood days using game consoles.
I am a big fan of handheld game consoles and I spent quite a good time with them in my childhood. But nowadays all I can see is smartphones and tablets which also include iPad’s and iPhone’s and also makes me sad how these generation kids are missing those amazing titles which we used to play on our gaming consoles. They can be termed as classics and I am missing them like hell. Most of us are familiar with GBA4iOS emulator which gained a huge popularity and fanbase.
Now it’s time for PlayStation emulator on iOS 9, Hell yeah now you can have a PlayStation emulator on your iPhone or iPad thanks to Retroarch. The process to install Playstation Emulator on iOS 9 is quite easy and will only take a few minutes of your precious time. With the help of PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9, you can get a chance to play classic titles and old retro games on your devices. If you are just like me thinking to play all these games on your iPhone’s or iPad’s then you are in right place.
Still Yesterday I have been enjoying some titles on my GBA4iOS emulator on iOS 9, One of my friend messaged me about PlayStation emulator for iOS 9 and I jumped on the internet to know how to install PlayStation Emulator. The results didn’t satisfy me which made me write a tutorial on “How to Install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 Retroarch“.

How to Install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 Retroarch

Before jumping straight into our guide, there are few prerequisites which you need to take care of. Unlike GBA4iOS emulator which can be installed without a jailbreak, You can’t install PlayStation Emulator or PS Emulator on iOS 9 without Jailbreaking it. If you jailbreak your device previously then it’s amazing and if not you can follow the below guide.
After jailbreaking your device, you get Cydia installed on your device and you are good to go. Make sure that you have enough battery on your device and have a basic knowledge on what you are doing. Jailbreaking your device basically void warranty, don’t worry you can get it back.

Steps to Install PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9, iOS 9.02 with Retroarch

  1. Unlock your device and launch “Cydia” from your application screen.
  2. Next click on “Sources >> Edit >> Add Source“.
  3. Now you will get a field to enter Source URL, Enter “” & Click on Add Source button.
  4. In case if you get any warnings tap on Add Anyway.
  5. It will take a while for Cydia to download contents of the Cydia Source.
  6. After Cydia finishes installing the repo, search for “RetroArch“.
  7. Next Select the tweak With name RetroArch(iOS 9) and install it.
  8. You have successfully installed retroarch emulator on your iPhone or iPad and you need to install another tweak to make it work.
  9. Search for “Automatic SSH” and install it. This will help you transfer game ROMs onto your device, You can ignore this step if you have iFile installed on your device.
That’s it you have successfully installed PS Emulator on iOS 9 and Now its time to configure it so that you can play those awesome retro games on your iPhone or iPad.

Configure PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9 Retroarch

  1. As you have installed “RetroArch” app on your device, Launch it.
  2. Next click on “Online Updater“.
  3. In the next page tap on “Update GLSL Shaders” and wait till it completes.
  4. Next update the remaining in the following order
    • Update Overlays
    • Update Databases
    • Update Autoconfig profiles
    • Update Assets
    • Update Core Info Files
    • Finally, click on Core Updater
  5. After tapping on any of the update options wait some time as it will download and install packages onto your device.
  6. After clicking on Core Updater, You will be presented with a list, Tap on PlayStation (PCSX Rearmed) [Interpreter].
  7. Now press back twice and in Load Core select the PlayStation Option which you have enabled in above step.
We have successfully installed and configured retroarch PlayStation Emulator on iOS 9
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