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5 Ways The iPhone Is Better Than Android

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Android  is rapidly becoming one of the most popular smartphone operating systems. Apple has got a real competitor and recent figures show that Android is growing faster than the iPhone, and gaining ground quicker than Apple ever could have imagined. Now Android is a great operating system, and there have been lots of posts outlining why it’s better than the iPhone OS, so now I’ve decided to go against that trend and show you 5 things the iPhone has over Android.
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Android has seen great development in 2012 and so is Apple Product. iPhone 4S with Siri loaded, become one of the hottest selling smartphone and similarly the new iPad become one of the hottest tablet ever sold. Though, Android ICS is a good step towards Android unification and major improvement.

Why iPhone is better than the Android: Reasons

I believe many of Android lover will disagree with this, but I’m always open for discussion and lets find out which one is better any some reasons why iPhone or iOS devices outsmart Android OS.
1. The App Store
I know you’ve probably heard this one before, but it is a major factor. Apple started off the whole app store revolution for smartphone devices, so they got a major head start over the rest. As a result their App store is a lot bigger than Android app store. There’s over 1.2 million apps currently available on the Apple App store, while Android is nearing the 1.3 million apps. But bear in mind, Androids figures are made up of multiple different markets and there is no one where you will find all 1.3 million apps. This is one of the things that gives the iPhone OS the advantage over Android. You will find a lot more of the bigger names and titles on the Apple app store than on the Android one and Apple apps tend to be a bit more stable than Androids due to Apple’s strict app approval procedure.
2. Reliability
While the more recent builds of Android have become a lot more stable and reliable, they still don’t match iOS 8 or previous iPhone firmwares. The iPhone operating system is just so solid and stable and reliable. It very rarely crashes or freezes up and it’s just straightforward. I find with Android that while it may be quicker at times, it tends to freeze up a lot more than the iPhone OS. Even with the most recent Android 5.0 Lollipop of Android, it still freezes up on me and I know i’m not alone with this. Android also seems to be plagued with error messages of failed processes which randomly pop up at the most inconvenient times.
3. Media
When it comes to media, the iPhone OS wins hands down. It’s not only the brilliant music application, easy podcast and video management, it’s also because of the iTunes store.  The iPhone eco-system with iTunes is just brilliant, even though some people find it a bit restrictive and want a bit more freedom. But in reality it is easily the best out there, with the biggest variety of music, films, tv shows and podcasts all readily available for download to your device.
This is the one thing I really long for in Android. A decent music and video app with a proper method of syncing with my computer. Maybe this will come along in the future with Google Music? But for now we’ll just have to be patient.

4. Loyal Fan Base
There’s something about Apple that has so many people hooked on anything with that shiny logo. When people buy an Apple product they seem to feel like they are part of an exclusive club. This may have been true when the iPhone first came out, it was rare to see somebody walking down the street with one, but now every second person seems to have one, the novelty has just worn off. However Apple’s loyal fanbase will always buy any of their new products, no matter how expensive they are and regardless of whether or not they need them.
I know no other company that gets people lining up all over the place for hours and days just to be one of the first to get their hands on the latest release. Android doesn’t have such a large fan base, and the ones who are in it are really more geeks than the iPhone fans. Android is seen more for the techy bunch (at the moment), while the iPhone caters for pretty much everyone.
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